A New Resource and Training Tool for Healthcare Providers Worldwide

A new online cardiac resource for healthcare providers is the first of its kind in the field. Launched in early 2019, HeartUniversity.org offers free, easily accessible education and testing about acquired and congenital heart disease. It is created by top experts in the field, and the Cincinnati Children’s Heart Institute is leading the development of this tool.

Heart University features two learning centers with content produced by world-renowned authorities specifically for providers and those in training. Each learning center is a mix between a virtual library and an online classroom, available to anyone seeking high-quality, up-to-date information on cardiology and related fields.

Here’s what to expect from each learning center:

Pediatric Cardiac Learning Center (PCLC)

The PCLC houses lesion-specific material, an imaging and specimen library, over 200 high-quality recorded conference presentations, and a training and testing center where providers and trainees can study educational material and take related test questions.

The materials are delivered through both videos and written content formatted for ease-of-use on any device. “We are creating material that’s engaging for the modern-day learner,” says Justin Tretter, MD, a Heart Institute cardiologist and editor-in-chief of Heart University and the PCLC. Tretter has been working with Terry Faulkner, DNP, associate editor, to ensure Heart University is easy to navigate and caters to the modern adult learner.

Tretter says what makes the PCLC unique is its sole focus on material related to children with acquired and congenital heart disease, combined with the global involvement from specialists worldwide.

ACHD Learning Center

This learning center focuses on adult congenital heart disease (ACHD). With Jonathan Windram, MBChB, MRCP(UK), as editor-in-chief, the ACHD Learning Center hosts educational resources of all types for ACHD professionals and cardiology trainees, including more than 40 educational videos on specific CHD lesions.

Visitors to the site can access the latest in adult congenital heart conditions and treatments, a fellow and trainee test center, and a round-up of recent journal articles published each month in the areas of fetal cardiology, pediatric cardiology, cardiac surgery, ACHD, interventional cardiology and electrophysiology. Nursing orientation and testing will be added in the future.

“Heart University is a valuable tool for any provider caring for children with heart disease,” says Andrew Redington, MD, executive co-director of the Heart Institute. “We’re pleased to be a part of this high-quality comprehensive resource, and we look forward to continuing to expand Heart University to serve the global community of cardiac care providers.”

To learn more, visit HeartUniversity.org.

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